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The Tiny Habits Method

Chalene Johnson Show

With life going somewhat back to (the new) normal, how do we continue the strong habits we started during quarantine? Whether it be your new fitness routine, or maybe it’s your journaling or self-care habit, continuing these habits will make you feel accomplished and improve your everyday life. Chalene Johnson talks with Stanford professor and author of Tiny Habits BJ Fogg to discuss ways little actions build up to successful habits.

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So What's the Deal With Collagen?

Collagen Supplements

One of social media’s hot wellness trends is collagen. You can find it in lots of different forms, from plain flavorless powder that you can add to any drink or meal to yummy flavored collagen creamers you can put in your morning coffee. A simple Google search shows reported effects of better skin elasticity, less wrinkles, and overall slowing the signs of aging. So are these supplements worth taking?

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Last Updated: 12/5/23