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Campus Recreation Services is located in the George S. Eccles Student Life Center at the west end of the George S. Eccles Legacy Bridge. The building may be accessed by parking in the HPER North, or McCarthey Family Track & Field parking lots. Metered parking for loading/unloading is available directly east of the building. The two nearest Trax Stations are University South Campus and Fort Douglas. Campus Recreation Services

George S. Eccles Student Life Center
1836 Student Life Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

Memberships / Annual & Semester Lockers   
Jeanne Huelskamp Sr. Manager, Membership Services  801.581.8898  
Gear Central / Fitness Center / Indoor Equipment Rental
Kegan Arthur Manager, Fitness Center & Indoor Rental Services  801.581.8731 
Sidney Smith Graduate Assistant 801.581.3799
Fitness Program / Personal Training / Massage Therapy
April Pavelka Manager, Fitness Program  801.581.3808
Crimson Lagoon / Swim Lessons / Certification Classes
Mark Weiss Manager, Aquatics  801.581.8513 
Intramural Sports / Sport Clubs
Jake Myers Manager, Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs  801.585.8732
Zach Baty Graduate Assistant, Intramural Sports & Sport Clubs  801.581.4578 
Outdoor Adventures
Rob Jones Sr. Manager, Outdoor Adventures 801.581.8516 
Allison Hughes Co-Manager, Outdoor Adventures 801.581.8516
Derrick Keating Graduate Assistant  801-587-7658
Amy Knight Graduate Assistant  801-587-7658
The Summit
Ryan Kirchner Manager, The Summit  801.581.4662 
Jess Pechmann Manager, Marketing 801.581.8002
Facility Operations
Ryan Kirchner Scheduling and Services 801.581.4662  
Glenn DeSpain Maintenance Specialist  801.581.3492  
Jeremy Smolik Maintenance Specialist 801.581.3492
Cheri Jenkins Associate Director, Operations  801.581.8690 
Crimson Crew/Staff Development
Greg Reinhardt Sr. Manager, Student Leadership & Development 801.585.1753
Josh Tribe   801.581.3760 
Mary Bohlig   801.581.3760  











Last Updated: 3/27/20