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Since we are closed on Monday, June 15th, we will offer a one-time fit3d body scan clinic on Friday, June 21st from 11:30 to 2:00. 

We are bringing the new gold standard body composition scanner to the Student Life Center! Using thousands of scans and measurements to give you information about your body composition, such as body fat, circumference measurements, posture analysis, and more – the Fit3D Scanner uses a specialized algorithm based on DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) measurements to give you the most accurate body composition details outside of a clinical setting. Non-invasive, and unlike other forms of body composition scanning, the Fit3D Scanner does not require you to go underwater, be enclosed in a tight compartment, or remove all articles of your clothing. 

How can I get a Fit3D scan done?

After purchasing your scan package, you will create a Fit3D account. Please REMEMBER your password, you will need it for your scan. From there you can come in anytime during the scheduled hours to redeem your scan. Fit 3D Body Scan schedule is listed below.

Only minutes after your scan, you will receive your personalized results on your Fit3D account dashboard. We also ask that everyone who participates, reads the important information about the Fit3D Scanner below. 

Members Purchase Scan(s)
1 scan, 6-month expiration $10
3 scans, 6-month expiration $25
5 scans, 12-month expiration $40
U-Affiliates & Guests* Purchase Scan(s)
each scan, 6-month expiration $15

*Guests need to be accompanied by an affiliate. For questions please see member services policies


Fit3D Body Scan Summer Hours

Monday: 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Tuesday: 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM

Drop-in anytime during our scheduled body scan hours above. All scans will be held on the 2nd floor of the Eccles Student Life Center. After arriving in the building, inform the membership desk you are going to your Fit3D scan. Follow all directional signage to the Wellness Suite where a staff member will check you in. Fit3D Body Scan Hours will NOT be held during University breaks. 


Important Information

Remember, while the Fit3D shows lots of metrics about your body, many other factors play in to your overall health. These scans should be just one small piece of your overall wellness picture. Things like annual health and wellness checks at the doctor, spiritual and mental health, social time with friends and family, and other aspects of wellness all contribute to your health. These scans can be a great tool to measure progress, but don’t forget other measures of health as well, like time spent with friends, fresh air during a walk, and being able to move your body in a way that is enjoyable for you. These numbers do not define you, your health, or your value. If you have any questions about these scans in regards to your health, we recommend you talk to your primary care provider.

We also recommend only getting scans done every 6-8 weeks at minimum. Getting your body composition results more often than that can create unrealistic pictures of progress (or lack thereof). Meaningful and healthy change (if change is your goal, and if it’s not, that’s okay too!) can and should take time. Getting scans too close together can give inaccurate data. Your weight and body composition can change day to day and even hour to hour based on things like what you ate, where you are in your menstrual cycle for people with female sex hormones, and even whether you have pooped or peed that day! So, take these scans with a grain of salt and use them as one small tool to measure overall progress in your healthy lifestyle.

Fit3D Body Scan Instructions

Last Updated: 6/14/24