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Sendsations Fall 2022

Come show off your bouldering skills in the largest Summit event of the semester from November 9-16th, with a finals competition on November 19th.

This all-skill-level competition is open to all current University of Utah Students and any member of Campus Recreation Services. Every registered competitor will leave with a branded SendSations chalk bag! Every competitor is additionally entered into a swag giveaway on Finals Day. Our amazing sponsors (Organic Climbing, Rhino Skin, Metolius, and Petzel just to name a few) have contributed some incredible goodies for us to raffle off. Attendees must show up to the Finals on November 19th to claim any prize won in the raffle.

This year we will have 4 divisions: recreational, intermediate, advanced, and open. Intermediate, advanced and open will both have a final with the top 3 men and women in each category! The highest male/female scorer during qualifications for the recreational category will compete in the intermediate final. Registration opens on October 10th and is limited to 130 so don't miss out!

How does it work?

Climbers may record their top five climbs.

Once a climb is completed, climbers will record their score via a survey via QR codes located in each section. Each section will have instructions on how to record scores. Climbers can send in more than five climbs, but only the top five will count towards the final score.

Between advanced and open finals, names of those who completed the bonus problem will be drawn for prizes!

Last Updated: 10/10/22