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Facility Hours - Summer 2020

Top Rope Climbing

Monday - Thursday TBA
Friday TBA
Saturday TBA
Sunday TBA


Open during normal building hours


Facts and Features

The Summit Climbing Facility features a 54-foot climbing wall and a 13-foot bouldering wall, equaling over 4,600 square feet of climbable surface.  Programs include climbing competitions, top rope and lead belay clinics, family climbing hours, special events, and more!

  • Built by Entre Prises. Completed January 2015
  • Bouldering Wall:
    • 13 feet tall.
    • Bouldering problems set by the Summit Staff and University of Utah Climbing Team.
  • Climbing Wall:
    • 54 feet tall.
    • Eleven anchors are interchangeable for both lead climbing and top rope climbing.
    • Multi-Pitch transition ledge at 28 feet.

Below are a list of the many different Classes, Clinics, and Events we offer at The Summit: **NOTE: ALL EVENTS BELOW HAVE BEEN CANCELLED OR WILL BE DETERMINED, AS RESULT OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES**

 Summit Birthday Party!

Come celebrate the birthday of the Eccles Student Life Center with the Summit! Or almost birthday……the building opened January 12, 2015. Anyways the Summit will be celebrating with style! Come dress up in your best birthday party attire for a chance to win a free entry to SENDsations Bouldering Competition!

1-10-2020 4pm-9:30pm FREE

Belay-tionship with the Climbing Club!

 Are you a new student at the U or just looking to meet a new climbing partner? Come to the Summit's Belaytionship event! Participate in top rope speed "dating" or just come hang out and boulder with some friendly faces. Everyone is welcome to come to this free event! No climbing experience necessary to come hang out. The person who belays the most individuals gets a FREE entry to SENDsations! (If you wish to top rope, you will need to test out ahead of time).

2-13-2020 4-9:30pm FREE

 Crate Stacking 

This balancing and technique based event crates (pun intended) a challenge unlike other climbing activities. While placing crates in a vertical tower, and balancing on top, you will attempt to build the highest stack. Winner gets a FREE entry to the SENDsations Bouldering Comp! 

3-19-2020 4-9:30pm FREE

Disco After Dark 

It’s going be a late night at the Summit ! Join us for a disco after dark from 9pm to midnight! We'll be dropping the lights down low and pumping the jams up to enjoy a late night of bouldering. Come dressed in your grooviest gear! Best dressed wins a FREE entry to the SENDsations Comp !

3-25-2020 9pm-12am FREE



Come climbing in the largest Summit event of the semester. This all-skill-level competition is open to all current University of Utah Students and any member of Campus Recreation Services. Every competitor will leave with a t-shirt and swag from one of our many sponsors! This year there will be 3 divisions recreational, intermediate, and advanced. There will be top 3 in both men and womens in each division including an intermediate and adavanced finals!

4-11-2020 Heat 1, 8am-10am $12.00
4-11-2020 Heat 2, 10am-12pm $12.00
4-11-2020 Heat 3, 12pm-2pm $12.00



Check in  7am-8am
Heat 1 8am-10am
Heat 2 10am-12pm
Heat 3 12pm-2pm
Break 2-4pm
Intermediate Finals 4-6pm
Break & Bonus Problem Prize  6-7pm
Advanced Finals & Awards & Prizes  7-9pm

 Climbing Conditioning  

Need strength for climbing? This class will take you from the gym to sending your projects outside! Climbing Conditioning focuses on increasing flexibility, endurance, finger strength, and muscles vital to improving climbing capabilities for all experince levels. 

Wednesday's 2pm-3pm starts 1-8-2020 $35.00
Thursday's 9am-10am starts 1-9-2020 $35.00


Location: Spirit Studio 2nd level in the Cardio Canyon

Prerequisites: No experience necessary

 Movement & Technique 

 Climbing  Movement  clinics  are open to all skill levels who want to learn how to use their body in the most efficient way possible. These clinics will focus on basic movement such as weight shifting, handholds/route reading,footwork, and body positioning.

1-30-2020 3-4pm Weight Shifting $5.00
2-19-2020 3-4pm Body Positioning  $5.00
3-17-2020 3-4pm Handholds & Route Reading $5.00
4-2-2020 3-4pm Footwork $5.00


Prerequisites: No experience necessary

 Learn to Belay 

 This class will provide you with the basic skills needed to start climbing safely and proficiently. You can expect to learn about the necessary equipment, knots, top rope climbing, belaying, communication, lowering, basic movement and techniques, and our policies. The Summit provides all necessary equipment except climbing shoes. Climbing shoes can be rented for $2.00 at Gear Central. Limited to the first 6 individuals.

1-22-2020 6-7pm FREE
1-28-2020 6-7pm FREE
2-5-2020 6-7pm FREE
2-18-2020 6-7pm FREE
2-27-2020 6-7pm FREE
3-4-2020 6-7pm FREE
3-26-2020 6-7pm FREE
3-31-2020 6-7pm FREE


Prerequisites: No experience necessary

 Learn to Lead 

This class  is designed for those who have experience in top rope climbing and wish to progress learning how to both lead climb and lead belay.  You can expect to learn about lead belaying, clipping and falling techniques. We will provide lead climbing ropes for this class. The Summit provides all necessary equipment except climbing shoes. Climbing shoes can be rented  for $2.00 at Gear Central.  Limited to the first 6 individuals.  Limited to the first 3 pairs of climbing partners.  You must register with a partner.

1-23-2020 2-5pm $15.00
1-29-2020 2-5pm $15.00
2-4-2020 2-5pm $15.00
2-12-2020 2-5pm $15.00
2-20-2020 2-5pm $15.00
2-26-2020 2-5pm $15.00
3-3-2020 2-5pm $15.00
3-24-2020 2-5pm $15.00
4-1-2020 2-5pm $15.00


Prerequisites: Summit Belay Qualified

Lead Falling Clinic

This class is geared towards sport climbers interested in gaining confidence in challenging situations on the wall. Following taking a learn to lead class, the Lead Falling Clinic focuses on how to progress as a lead climber through risk assessment, breathing techniques, and safe falling. The Summit provides all necessary equipment except climbing shoes. Climbing shoes can be rented  for $2.00 at Gear Central.  Limited to the first 6 individuals.  Limited to the first 3 pairs of climbing partners.  You must register with a partner.


2-8-2020 10am-12pm $12.00
3-21-2020 10am-12pm $12.00


Prerequisites: Summit Lead Qualified; Comfortable lead climb 5.8

During the following times the Summit will be closed for route setting:

4/17/2020 (ropes)

4/28/2020 (ropes)









The Summit Orientation:  Stop by during our open hours for a short informational tour of the climbing facility to learn about programs, features, safety, scheduled classes and to learn more about how we can serve you in The Summit

Top Rope Climbing Skills Verification:  In order to top rope belay at The Summit, the instructor staff need to verify your belaying and technical skills.  The skills verification is mandatory and you must qualify in order to belay.  Please register for our Learn to Belay class if your unfamiliar with top rope belaying.

Lead Climbing Skills Verification:  After you’ve proven your proficiency with top rope belaying and you desire to lead climb at The Summit, you and your partner must prove your ability to both lead climb and lead belay with your own 40 meter or greater UIAA approved dynamic rope.  You may test with assisted locking device or a tubular device.  Please register for our Learn to Lead Climb class if your unfamiliar with lead climbing and lead belaying.

Rental Equipment

Item Description Price + Tax
Children's Climbing Shoes La Sportiva StickIt shoes $2.00

Adult's Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Nitro Gym


Adult Harness Black Diamond Momentum DS Free with University ID
Belay Device ` Black Diamond Big Air Free with University ID

Sale Equipment

Item Description Price + Tax
Chalk Ball Black Diamond Non-Refillable $4.25
Chalk Bag Black Diamond MOJO $18.50
Belay Device Black Diamond Big Air Package



Climbing Facility Group Rental

Please email or call Ryan Kirchner at 801.581.4662.

Family Climbing

  • All policies and procedures of The Summit still apply to the Family Climbing Sessions.
  • No family climbing available on weekdays.  See scheduled hours.

Children (Age 5 – 13)

  • Must be at least 5 years old to participate.
  • Must be with a parent/guardian at all times and under direct supervision.
  • Are not allowed to belay.
  • Lead climbing is not allowed.

Youths (Age 14 – 17)

  • Able to top rope or lead belay upon successful completion of The Summit top rope skills verification
    • Weight and qualifying restrictions apply
    • May lead climb upon successful completion of the lead skills verification.


  • Must pass The Summit’s top rope or lead belay skills qualification in order to belay for other family members.
  • Must belay for other family members unless members have passed the belay qualifications and meet all belay qualification expectations and policies.
  • Must supervise family members age 13 and under.
  • Only two family members ages 13 and under can be supervised per parent/guardian.


  • Is open for all family members ages 5 and older during family climbing hours.
  • Spotting is not required, but it is highly encouraged.
Last Updated: 3/27/20