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Summit Policies

  • All belayers must use Take Brake Under Slide (TBUS) method of belaying.
  • NO LOOSE CHALK. Chalk balls are acceptable.
  • ALL PERSONAL ITEMS NEED TO BE SECURED IN CUBBIES OR A DAY USE LOCKER. CRS is not responsible for lost/stolen items.
  • No handwashing in hydration stations or water fountains. Violaters may be removed from the ESLC.
  • Use of The Summit is restricted to only current University of Utah students, staff or faculty with a Campus Recreation Services Membership. Guests are allowed when participating with one of the above users and after paying the Campus Recreation Services guest fee.
  • Belayers must identify their qualification level while in The Summit as a top rope belayer or lead belayers/lead climber by wearing the apprpriate belayer ID card on the climbing harness. No Belayer ID cards are issued for boulderers.
  • Bouldering is only allowed on the bouldering wall, not on the climbing wall.
  • Spotters are not required for bouldering, but it is highly encouraged.
  • Climbing is not allowed without proper protection unless bouldering.
  • If a participant desires to Top Rope Belay or Lead Belay and Lead Climb they MUST pass the skills verificaation test with a climbing partner. Belay qualifications expire every calendar year.
  • Lead climbers must provide their own UIAA approved single dynamic rope that is a minimum of 35 meters in length.
  • Lead climbers must use an assisted braking device while lead belaying.
  • Participants are allowed to use personal climbing gear including rope, harness, climbing shoes belay devices and chalk bags. Climbing Wall Specialists hold the right to prohibit the use of personal equipment.
  • For purposes of hygiene, safety, and protection of equipment, participants are required to wear proper workout attire. Shirts, shorts/pants, and appropriate footwear are required. Shorts and shirts must be worn at all times and undergarments must be covered by clothing previously listed. Pants with belts and/or exposed metal (buttons, snaps, rivets and/or zippers) are not permitted. Shorts that do not extend adequately byond the bottom of the harness' leg loops are not allowed, and baggy clothing is discourages.
  • Participants age 16 and under MUST be accompanied and directly supervised by a parent or guardian in the climbing facility with the exception of special events.
  • Full body harnesses are required for youths ages 5-10.
  • No food, drink or gum is permitted in The Summit except water in a a re-sealable plastic container.
  • Only Climbing Wall Specialists are allowed to set routes, adjust or rearrange climbing holds.
  • Only Climbing Wall Specialists may deliver training, testing and instruction. Participants providing these services may be asked to leave the facilities.
  • Please be courteous and respectful to other participants and bystanders.
  • Please notify Climbing Wall Specialists of faulty or potentially unsafe equipment or fixtures.
  • The use of ALL DIGITAL EQUIPMENT is prohibited in The Summit if you are climbing, belaying or receiving instruction.
  • Campus Recreation Services reserves the right to supsend climbing priveleges to any participant permanently or for a designated period of time for violating policies or for any conduct that is viewed as unsafe, inappropriate or in violation of the policy and procedures.
Last Updated: 5/21/20