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Located North of the Lassonde Studios, the Lassonde Sport Courts feature 4 sand volleyball courts and 1 basketball court, all open for free play according to guidelines below.

  • Basketball and volleyball nets are adjusted, when needed, by CRS.
  • Equipment is available for check-out, with photo ID, at the Lassonde Studios Front Desk.
  • Sand rake and push broom are available courtside.
  • Please be courteous and follow all posted signage.


Want to make a reservation?   BOOK A COURT


  • Self-Directed Play: ​No charge
  • Registered Student Organization ​$8 per court per hour ​$30 with lights
  • University Department ​$10 per court per hour ​$32 with lights
  • Off-Campus Non-Profit ​$15 per court per hour ​$37 with lights
  • Off-Campus Profit ​$20 per court per hour ​$42 with lights


Policies & Guidelines

In order to provide a positive experience for all guests, we ask that you follow the simple rules and guidelines that have been implemented for your safety. Campus Recreation Services (CRS) reserves the right to implement any of the following rules or guidelines in order to protect the health, safety, experience, and well-being of all Lassonde Sport Court guests. The courts are designed for University of Utah students and the University Community.

Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to participating in Campus Recreation Services activities. Individuals participate in Campus Recreation Services programs and use facilities at their own risk.

  • Players participate at their own risk and are responsible for harm to person or property.
  • All University policies and guidelines apply to facility use. The University prohibits the possession and consumption of alcohol.
  • Place trash in proper receptacles or take with you upon completion of play.
  • Athletics is the priority user on volleyball courts #3 and #4, Monday-Friday from 9:00am-6:00pm.
  • No pets are allowed on the Lassonde Sport Courts. Exception: Service Animals.
  • Report any broken or damaged equipment to CRS at 801-581-8898.
  • Please check the CRS website often for any court reservations or closures. See availability.
  • Vandalizing signs, equipment, or landscaping is an offense that will result in disciplinary action.
  • Participants with multiple violations will be permanently banned from play.
  • Please respect the sports complex.

The courts are intended for use by University of Utah Students and the University Community, who have priority at all times. If requested by University Students or Community members, non-university group/s must vacate the court/s at the conclusion of current game. Rules are self-governed. Scoring guidelines below apply.

Due to safety and maintenance concerns, the following activities are prohibited

  • Hanging from the nets, dunking, grabbing, or hand in the basketball cylinder.
  • Abuse of property.
  • Aggressive behavior and/or fighting.
  • To challenge, a team or individual must verbally note that the challenge has been issued.
  • The challenging person or team must remain courtside and ready to play.
  • The challenging individual determines make-up of his/her team.
  • The losing team must vacate the court.
  • No one presently playing may call the next game.
  • Upon winning three consecutive games, the winning team must exit the court if other players are waiting.

Players must exit the court upon arrival of a prior reserved group. Check CRS website often for court schedule. See availability.


  • Full-court games take priority at all times.
  • Half court games must yield to full-court game when two 5-player teams are ready.
  • The half-court game must be allowed to finish prior to full-court play.
  • All games, full court and half court, are played to 11 points in increments of 1’s and 2’s, win by 1.

 Games are played with rally scoring to 11 points, win by 2 points

Lassonde lights are scheduled to be on from after spring break to fall beak during the following times:

Weekdays - Sunset to 11:00pm
Weekends - Sunset to 10:00pm

Last Updated: 4/8/21