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Crimson Field

The Crimson Field is located next to McCarthey Family Track & Field, and is used by Campus Recreation Services for Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs and special events. This field is shared by the University Athletic Department, and is closed when not in use. 

Student organizations, university departments or outside groups/organizations may request a reservation based on availabilty. 


Important to Note

  • Playing on artificial turf is considerably different than playing on natural surfaces. More caution must be taken when playing on artificial turf, and additional conditioning and warm-up exercises may be required to minimize the possibility of injury.

  • All individuals participating at Crimson Field must wear appropriate footwear. No metal cleats are allowed; molded rubber or plastic only.

  • The following are prohibited on Crimson Field: glass bottles, food, alcoholic beverages, drinks (other than water), tobacco products, gum, sunflower seeds, or painting lines, pets (exception: service animals only).


  • Individuals who use the facility, do so at their own risk. Individuals are encouraged to have a physical examination and obtain adequate health and accident insurance prior to using Crimson Field.
  • All Crimson Field policies and procedures must be followed by all participants and spectators.
  • Any sponsoring organization or individual using Crimson Field assumes responsibility for maintaining the condition of facility during its use. The organization or individual will be responsible for all damage, or misuse of University facilities or equipment, including any misuse or conduct of participants, guests or spectators. The organization or individual will be held liable for reimbursement to the University for any such damage or loss. 
  • Individuals using Crimson Field are responsible for damage casued to private property on or in the vacinity of the playfield.
  • Those using Crimson Field must adhere to all applicable parking regulations.
  • Campus Recreation Services is not responsible for lost of stolen items
  • All rental no-shows will be assessed the entire rental fee. A no-show is designated by failure of the organization to be present 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of the event
  • Campus Recreation Services reserves the right to assign or restrict the use of Crimson Field.
  • All groups must comply with University policies, Crimson Field policies and/or the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Requests for events must be athletic or recreational in nature, suitable to the facility, and approved by CRS.
Last Updated: 4/8/21