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Student Leadership Positions

Facility Manager

Facility Manager (FM) position is the highest position that a Crimson Crew member can reach while working for Campus Recreation Services (CRS). This position requires dynamic Crimson Crew members who are willing to engage with all nine program areas, able to lead by example, excited to teach fellow staff members, and motivated to enhance our guest experience through outstanding service. Prior experience in a specific area is not required. We recruit from all 8 Crimson Crew program areas..

Intramural Sports Supervisor

Leaders within the program and show a high level of commitment to success. They have the authority to make decisions regarding the safety and wellbeing of all players and spectators. Must be able to handle highly emotional individuals and groups.

Head Setter

This position will work with the Summit Manager to assist in maintaining daily operations, staff management, program development, technical training, and route setting.

Special Events Supervisor

Responsibe for on-site supervision of events scheduled with Campus Recreation Services. Must be outgoing, friendly and have good decision-making skills. They must be able to work with little supervision and have extensive knowledge of both University services and Campus Recreation Services policies and procedures.

Crimson Council

The Crimson Council is comprised of student leaders from all nine Crimson Crew program areas. The goal is an active engagement that improves the student-staff experience. This includes both personal and professional development of the student employees

Other Leadership Positions, By Area

  • Gear Central & Core Fitness Supervisor
  • Membership Services Student Lead
  • Outdoor Adventures Student Lead
  • Head Lifeguard
  • Marketing Specialist
Last Updated: 4/19/21