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Crimson Crew Job Descriptions


Gear Central
& Core Fitness

Gear Central Attendant

Equipment rental, locker management, uniforms, merchandise sales, laundry operations. This position also works as a Fitness Center Attendant, see below.

Fitness Center Attendant 

Supervise fitness areas and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. This position also works as a Gear Central Attendant, see above.

Fitness &
Personal Training

Fitness Instructor

Provide group fitness instruction, monitor participants, educate on fitness and safety, and maintain a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for class participants. 


Personal Trainer

Responsible for fitness assessments and personal training programs with Campus Recreation Services clients. Trainers must maintain an NCCA accredited Personal Training Certification.


OA Attendant

Responsible for the day-to-day operations including customer service, equipment rental, cash handling, trip registration, storage, repair and maintenance of equipment. 

OA Technician

Responsible for the day-day operations with special emphasis on equipment maintenance and repair.



Responsible for the supervision of the pool area during recreational swimming hours and all other events in the pool. This includes opening and securing the pool facilities, and ensuring that a safe and fun environment is maintained. Opportunities for Head Lifeguard available to those who qualify. See leadership positions below.

Swim Instructor

Responsible for teaching basic swimming safety skills and technique improvement.

The Summit

Climbing Wall Specialist

Responsible for the supervision of The Summit climbing facility. Duties include, but are not limited to: maintaining a clean workplace, supervision of the summit, teaching skill clinics, and other duties as assigned.






Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports Official

Provide quality and decisive supervision of IM activities. They facilitate a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for participants and assist with the administration of Intramural Sports.


Marketing Associate

Assisting full-time staff by learning and using marketing skills and knowledge of campus to create effective campaigns for Campus Recreation Services programs.







Member Associate

Responsible for sales to members and guests involving memberships, locker rental and other programs and services offered at the Eccles Student Life Center. 

Last Updated: 5/6/21