Sport Clubs

The U is home to more than 15 sport clubs,  many of them with regional and national titles.  If you would rather be on the field than in the stands, grab your gear and catch the bus.  For more information, contact the Sport Clubs office at 801-581-3797, or visit the individual clubs’ web sites.

Current Sport Clubs


Club President’s Name President’s Email Address Club Website Address
Brickwall CrossFit Ethan Brule – Pres
Kody Frank – VP
Boxing Darron Brown
Cycling Mitchell Peterson
Hockey Men’s AJ Boldan
Chase McDonald
Lacrosse Men’s Greg Sergakis – Pres
Luke Graney – VP
Lacrosse Women’s Regina Farley
Sasha McKee 
Sarah Hunt
Yosh Matsuura
Powerlifting Jake Jensen 
Rugby Men’s Danny Christensen
Nate Kingsford
Soccer Men’s Eddie Vargas
Swimming Ethan Beseris
Table Tennis Christian Leon
Ultimate Men’s Oliver Atkinson
Ultimate Women’s Anna Uthe
Jes Towmbly
Volleyball Men’s Fernando Surez
Water Polo Men’s Kiffer Crereling
Water Polo Women’s Gabriella Minassian  1416697785229014/members/
Adri Pachelli

Download Forms

Sport Clubs Manual

Affiliate Agreement

Assumption of Risk-Liability

Coach-Instructor Agreement

Facility Reservation

Faculty-Staff Advisor Agreement

Proof of Insurance

Registration-Recognition Application


Travel Information Report


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