Student Staff Spotlight

From time to time, we like to acknowledge the accomplishments, both “on and off the court,” of our student staff. We appreciate what they do for us and wish them luck in their various endeavors.

Chelsea Wells – 2013-2014 Scholarship Recipient  

We are excited to award Chelsea Wells with a Campus Recreation Scholarship.  Chelsea is the Lead Supervisor at the Field House and has been working for us since summer of 2012.  She is a senior at the University of Utah, studying Health Promotion and Education with an emphasis in Community and a minor in Nutrition.  This summer, she started an internship with the American Heart Association where she designs exercise programs for kids from K-12.  Her future dreams are to explore hospital management and to one day make a difference in the health care system.

Kim Warner – 2013 -2014 Scholarship Recipient

It is clear why Kim Warner is one of our Scholarship Recipients.  Not only is her degree in Parks Recreation and Tourism but she is Vice President of Student Leaders in Recreation.   She initially started with CRS by being the Greek liaison for the Fraternities and Sororities on campus.  This was a natural roll since she is also the president of her sorority.  However, since fall 2012, she joined our team as the Marketing Assistant and contributes to our brochure, web design, and printed materials.  Give her a ‘shout out’ next time you see her at one of our events!

Richard Baggaley – Graduate

We are sending congratulations to Richard Baggaley for receiving a degree in Spanish from the University of Utah.  Richard spent 3 years working for Campus Recreation at HPER as our Building Manager.  In his time with Campus Recreation, he received a scholarship from us, volunteered for U-Fit and abroad organizations, assisted with research for eye patients at the Moran Eye Center and was President of the Racquetball Club Team.

Richard is now enjoying southern hospitality at Campbell University near Raleigh, North Carolina where he is studying Osteopathic Medicine.   He is excited about this area in medicine where it combines a holistic approach of structural, psychological and physical methods to muscular and skeletal therapies.  Richard sends a big “Thank You” to Campus Recreation and states that he wouldn’t be in medical school if it weren’t for the opportunities from Campus Recreation.

Dustin Lamont – Graduate

We are very excited to announce that our former CRS Student Staff, Dustin Lamont, has obtained the Assistant Intramural Coordinator Position at Utah Valley University.  Dustin started his employment with CRS as an Intramural Sports Official.  He also completed PRT Internships in Intramural Sports and Facilities/Sport Clubs along with working as a Building Manager in the HPER Facility.  He completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Sport Management.  Dustin developed a passion for working in the University Recreation setting and has chosen to pursue this field as a career.  We are proud of his accomplishments.  Good Luck Dustin!

Bobby Perkins-McIntosh – Outdoor Adventures

Bobby Perkins-McIntosh was an intern for the Environmental Humanities Education Center managed by the college of humanities.  It is a field station in Lakeview Montana which brings groups in for 1-2 week seminars throughout the summer.  Bobby acted as an outdoor guide taking groups on hikes, canoe trips etc.  This was a nice collaboration between the college of Humanities and Outdoor Adventures

Ren Barrus – Outdoor Adventures

Ren Barrus completed a 30 day National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) outdoor educator course in the Pacific Northwest.  The course is designed for outdoor education professionals and includes backpacking, mountaineering and rock climbing skills.



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