Guest Policy

The general public can use the HPER facility upon payment of the $5.00 guest fee.

Forgotten ID

The guest fee must also be paid if an eligible user forgets their ID. This guest fee is refundable upon verification of a valid ID within two business days. This policy will be strictly adhered to. Please do not ask our staff to make exceptions.

Children’s Policy

Children must have a Campus Recreation Services children’s card for admittance to HPER & the Pool or they must pay the guest fee regardless of age. Parents must sign the Children’s Agreement form when their children enter HPER & the Pool facility. Eligible users over 18 may use the HPER & Pool without a parent at any time. Children under 18 may use the HPER & Pool during designated children’s hours only. (See current schedule of hours for times.) However, they must be participating with and directly supervised by their parent. If a family disregards the above regulations, their children’s card privileges will be withdrawn.

HPER Contact: 801-581-3797


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