Private Swim Lessons

Private Swim lessons : If you want to take  swimming lessons, but don’t feel comfortable in a group, this is the way to go.  Whether you are a beginner or are looking to improve speed and efficiency, we have an instructor who can help. Please refer to our instructor bio’s to help you in selecting an instructor. Please signup for a session online $20 per half hour. Please follow this link to sign-up (YOU MUST BE A VALID MEMBER OF THE STUDENT LIFE CENTER TO SIGN UP) Please check out our membership page before signing up. Children of main member will also need a membership (unless under the age of 5). Children over 5 without a membership cannot sign up for private lessons. Please allow up to 36 hours to hear from an instructorIf you have questions or concerns please contact  Payment and Cancellations need to be done 24 hours prior to the swim lesson. If it is after 24 hours a full refund is not guaranteed. Refunds for unused lessons will not be considered after 30 days.

 Accepting new participants


Sierra – 

  • Has taught swim lessons for 6 years, and teaches private lessons for the University.
  • She is a good choice if you are a non-swimmer wanting to be more comfortable in the water, or beginner to intermediate swimmer wanting to perfect your strokes.
  • She has a lot of experience with students that are nervous or brand new to swimming and can help you build confidence quickly.
  • She provides non-competitive swimmers good workouts to start outside of class and is willing to help you if you want to work specifically on one skill ( i.e . If you are already an excellent swimmer but want to learn the butterfly stroke, or it you are interested in pool side diving)
  • She is a good choice for those interested in training for triathlons or other competitive swimming events.
  • She is very flexible on times to meet during the week, but is unavailable on weekends.

  • Will is a well decorated club Swimmer and Water Polo player from southern California.
  • He as an ample knowledge of swim technique and stroke form.
  • He is comfortable with teaching swimmers of all age groups and those with a range of swimming capacities.
  • He is good with young children as well as explaining swimming dynamics to novice swimmers.
  • Due to his competitive swimming background he is great at making swim sets and conducting lessons for those who with the goal of training for an event or with the intentions of getting in good swimming shape.
  • He is available usually weekday afternoons and most weekends.
Belle  – 

  • Belle is a member of the University of Utah’s Club Swim Team.
  • She has previous experience as an assistant swim coach.
  • She also numerous years of experience working with children, including volunteering at her local YMCA to work with special needs children.
  • She was captain of her high school swim team.
  • Due to Belle’s numerous years of experience she enjoys working with swimmers of all ages and levels.
  • She is available most weekday evenings and weekends.
No longer accepting new participants

  • Has been teaching for a little over three years now and currently teaches group and private lessons for the University.
  • She teaches infants all the way to adults and helps people that are non-swimmers that want to become comfortable in the water or beginners that want to perfect their stroke or learn new workouts.
  • She is available to teach most weekends and some days during the week.